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Distribution Bushings

TPL 44-840 --"HV Bushings Wells, Integral and Removable Stud" Sales Literature

TD 44-820 --"Technical Data for HV Bushing Wells, Integral and Removable Stud"

TPL 44-841--LV Bushing 5/8", 1.0", 1.25" General Information and Ratings

TD 44-821 --Technical Data on LV Bushings  5/8", 1.0", and 1.25"









Dry Well Current Limiting Fuse Canisters

TPL 44-837--"Fuse Cannister" Sales Literature








Protective Links

TPL 44-839--"Protective Links, Oil Immersed Expulsion Type Fuses" Sales Literature






Draw Out Fuse Hold

TPL 44-835--General Information on the "DO-III" Draw Out Load Break Expulsion Fuse Holder and Drip Tray

TPL 44-835-1--DO III Fuse Holder General Information












Tap Changer and Dual Voltage Switches

TPL 44-816 -- General Information on DT-100/DT-150/DV-100/DV-150 and Switch Ratings






Oil Immersed Load Break Switch

TPL 44-834 -- LBOR-II, Load Break Oil Immersed Switch - General Information on LBOR Switch and Ratings

TD 44-814   -- Standard Design Test performed on LBOR-II





DOIII Expulsion Fuse Links


TPL 44-836 - General Information on the DO-III Expulsion Fuse Links for use in Draw Out Load Break Fuse Holders.

CRT44-836 - Cross Reference Tables for Cooper, ERMCO and Kearney Fuses.

Fault Sensing Fuse Links

Curve 1C11102 - Minimum Melt Time

Curve 1C11103 - Maximum Clearing Time

Dual Sensing Fuse Links

Curve 1C11104 - Minimum Melt Time

Curve 1C11105 - Maximum Clearing Time

Dual Element Fuse Links

Curve 1C11106 - Minimum Melt Time

Curve 1C11107 - Maximum Clearing Time


TDL 44-836 - Certified Test Report for the "DO-III" DO-III Expulsion Fuse Links for use in Draw Out Break Fuse Holders

IL 44-836 - Installation Information on the "DO-III" Expulsion Fuse Links for use in Draw Out Load Break Fuse Holders